Philippe Pascual, 35, Paris – France

Mathematical abstraction, artistic abstraction.

After a classical training in mathematics and computer science at the university, I developed a passion for abstract painting. Since I have a very strong interest in the fields I have studied, my inspiration is very influenced by geometric shapes, numbers, certain symbols and concepts as well as what I have fun calling this “colorful chaos” which often comes up in my paintings.

I am completely self-taught, I progress day by day thanks to my research. My basic artistic approach consists in mixing on a 2D surface the rigor required by scientific training with this chaotic atmosphere that reigns around us, everywhere in our wonderful universe. This mixture gives my own universe that I hope you will appreciate over time … I however research new concepts for painting renderings or original processes . I use to take breaks for a few days without any activity, then let myself be drawn into a first idea, from which will emerge a concept that will develop in special moments of reflection, during the day or during sleepless nights.

I am also drawn to concept art in general. And, I am thinking of diversifying my work towards installations as soon as possible, continuing to be interested in the possible links between mathematics and art.

Have a nice day !!

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